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Online vs Onsite Education

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In the last couple of weeks, I’ve been learning new things about how businesses perceive online and onsite education. Not that there is anything wrong with online courses, but doing your entire degree online may shun a few employers from hiring you.


1. Some businesses feel that those that are educated only through online courses may not have a strong interpersonal intelligence type or lack people skills that they may require. Not being able to communicate with team members or customers may effect a potential employees’ longevity with a business.

2. That one may have taken the easy way out rather then taking the initiative to go to a structured class. Are they capable of handling a difficult task that comes with the job?

3.  Some online education facilities may simply not have the proper curriculum thus the student misses out on important knowledge. One would be surprised how they may lack specific knowledge that should have come along with the degree earned.

If you are like me and went to a university that offers both online and onsite education, then you need to related to employers how much of your educational time was spent. Below I have the educational part of my own resume showcasing exactly how I spend my educational time.

Where I have my education listed, I note in parenthesis (red box)  the amount of time I spent onsite and the amount of time I spent online. As some courses I wanted to take were not available onsite during the time, I took them online. However, most of the necessary courses I took onsite.

As I’ve already received my MBA and finishing up my MHRM, courses for both followed the same suit. If you are doing double majors but they are different suites from each other, add the percentage next or below your degree. If you are unsure exactly what your percentage of online vs onsite is, just make a request for an unofficial transcript to be able to determine that.

I would like to ask: Online or onsite, which do you feel worked best for you? Do you prefer online or onsite courses? Does this addition to your resume make things easy or no difference? I’ll be looking for your answers (and responding to them) in the comments section.

Written by Ms. Hala

27 May 2010 at 9:08 pm

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